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WAYPTW 14 Sept, 2017

DL’s Double-Down Summer is almost over! My 3DS is working as hard as it can this weekend to get through Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. I’ve managed to overcome The Pain and The Fear, but not before they told me I still have The Sorrow and The End, at least, then I guess I’ll have to fight/become The Boss? I’m only speculating, because I’ve managed to avoid spoilers other than The Obvious. It’s definitely weird to play the hero that I know will become the enemy. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever done that in a game. Since the first MGS has been pretty much my only experience, David Hayter’s characterization of “Snake” has become sort of an old friend - his voice is charming and kind, so what befalls the original Snake at the end must be catastrophic (catastrophic enough to begin sounding like Kiefer Sutherland, no less).I’m in Sonoma County, CA this weekend for our last race of the season! I’m excited to finish so we can have a more consistent about a month. We are on a “work from home” schedule all next week so I can play Samus Returns, which is arriving on my porch this weekend, then a test in Florida (thankfully, race tracks don’t tend to blow away in hurricanes), then an actual vacation that doesn’t involve visiting family and/or friends!After the Nintendo Direct, I’m unusually excited about Minecraft for the New 3DS. I’ve been holding out on playing it in earnest, and I’m very keen to buy it for this Winter as the form factor is ideal - Minecraft was meant for the 3DS, and vice-versa. That the port was done by Other Ocean makes it all the more desirable.Oh, and I also did a somewhat half-baked job on Part 2 of my blog post about Elite and Frontier, which can be found at: I welcome critique on content, thematic composition, and theory, but don’t sweat structure or syntax too much - it’s bound to get revised and re-written over time. I’m not married to it, as I just wanted it posted to get words down for the next topic, which is looking to be the origins of arcade cabinet art. I’m reading about electromechanical arcade machines now, and the transition from those to videogames like Space Invaders. It’s a fascinating era; SEGA had some really cool electromechanical games back then, and it reminds me of the home ones we had as kids in the late 70's and very early 80's - parachute drop games (/), tethered helicopter piloting, shine-on-the-wall shooting galleries, and magnetic car racing. I forgot how much those games/toys forged my youth and my love of miniature worlds.Chutes AwayThe lives of the survivors are in your hands. Do you have what it takes – the ability to line up… Read on retroland.​comHave a great weekend, everyone!


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